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"Lighting is the soul of the space."

Rethinking the purpose of lighting in space.

Walden is the first lighting consultant firm that owns a showroom which standby their belief. We always believe that lighting has nothing to do with the fixture and fitting, and pretty much everything to do with creating the right sort of atmosphere. Hence, we always focus on the way you want a space to be experienced – not whether you prefer chandelier to spotlights, or other bulbs.

First lighting concept showroom

Our only goal is to show you how incredible lighting can impact to the space, one seconds it looks like a boring, function living room, and the next second it could uplift to a hotel lounge ambience space that is perfectly for movie or chill time for family and friends. People always have a standard perception of lighting and ignore the true potential of lighting effect. With that belief, we build the first lighting concept showroom that bring you back to the ultimate purpose when you select lighting for your house.

Here is where we show you the magic of the light. Not the bulbs, its how lighting can transform the space, different scene and mood for different needs. You will be amaze the impact of lighting in one space.
How a lighting can lit up a modern office which give life and energy to the space? See how we can use lighting to enhance the work efficiency.
Display area
Lighting become very important when come of the display of your item or product. High CRI can enhance its colours and texture, make it more "purchasable".
Is a strange area in any space. But how we can use lighting to make it more inviting? Found out yourself at our tour.
Vertical Garden
A lot of people think that is impossible to have vertical jungle in indoor. Is not unless you have the right amount of brightness to the plant, and right system. Come and find out how we did it.
Here we show how lighting can calm your customer, create an ambiance that your customer would like to stay longer and come back again.

Our team and lighting tour

There will be a lighting tour for all visitor to help you understand better the lighting effect and select the mood that best fit for your lifestyle. Trust us, you will have a different set of perspective about lighting after the tour. Our work ethic and enthusiasm- combined with our creativity and technical knowledge- have given us a prominent position in the industry.
Not enough about us…

Get in touch, tell us a bit about you, and we’ll take it from 



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Screenshot 2020-12-10 115917-02.png
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