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How we can change our lighting?

In Malaysia, 80% of the residential units are using the normal downlights in their houses. But not many people know that downlight can actually destroying the beautiful design of their houses. Here are some disadvantages of using downlight in the house.

Downlight is intended to light up a room in its entirely. It provides a uniform level of illumination throughout the space. Therefore, it cannot create the sense of ambience for the space. A good ambience created when brightness meets with the darkness, which mean that space must have a little amount of darkness with shadow to create that feeling of calmness. With downlight, you cannot set the right tone in your room.

Furthermore, downlight is fixed in a pointing direction which it cannot create focus and shadow the specific area. Hence, it cannot be used to highlight specific elements such as wall painting or vase to create layers of light and texture between all this design element. Relying on downlight to bring attention to decorations doesn’t work well because it isn’t focused in on them. You cannot create a stunning focal point with downlight because the point of this fixture is to provide a uniform lighting for the entire space rather than focus light on a certain area or object.

But how can we improve or make changes? It’s by using spotlight or track lighting instead of a conventional downlight. Track lighting can add significant drama to a space by highlighting architectural features such as feature wall. With spotlight, however, you can create a soft glow coming out from the sides of the object, causing the object to draw your eye to it naturally. One of the best things about spotlight is that it creates the illusion of more space. Spotlight softens the boundaries between individual lighting areas and makes your ceilings seem higher than they actually are. This creates more open space in general, which in turn can make your interior space seem more inviting.

It also can enhance everything in a room – from the furniture, flooring, fittings to the finishes and textures. Spotlight can create the sense of ambience in the space which makes the space feel relaxing and luxurious. With spotlight and track lighting, they can set the perfect tone in your room. This holds true especially if you’re interested in dimmers – lights that can dim and brighten manually – as they can transform a room from dark and romantic to cosy and welcoming.

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