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Lighting trend in the modern home.

If you don’t have any idea that how you going to light up your space or what kind of light you need to purchase, you can refer to these top 5 modern lighting trend!

1. The new mid-century modern

By using the 1920’s and 30’s Art Deco, which is one of the most glamorous and lavish periods in history. The design is using a vast range of color, including colors from neutral to bold, and graphic use of black and white. Wood tones will be like mid-century modern: rich, grainy, and true to their natural color.

Art Deco lighting focuses on sharp lines and attractive geometric designs. With Mid-century modern lighting, you will notice a love for natural shapes that combine functional form and aesthetics.

2.Natural materials

Popular natural materials are including wicker, bamboo, wood, cork and clay. Wicker and woven grasses have been popular interior design trends for a long time.

Just translate all these natural elements into your home lighting. A wooden chandelier will make your guest feel cosy and comfortable. Combine with warm light, the shades create by the natural materials make the environment very welcoming and comfortable.

3. Industrial minimalism

Minimalism is quickly becoming the latest trend in interior design. By condensing design to its essential elements and focusing on form, light, space, and materials, Minimalist architecture achieves harmony through simplicity. Industrial might represent cold, unfeeling, concrete wall and other but combine both together will become clean and contemporary but warm and liveable.

You can refer this as your design if you try to be minimalism or you like thing look clean and simply.

4. Black and white

In a sea of soft tans and greys, let black create drama and help your space stand out. When paired with lighter whites and neutrals, black invites depth and even warmth to any room. Don’t believe the myth that black makes rooms feel smaller. Placed thoughtfully, black commands attention and is excellent for guiding the eye around a room.

We’ll see high contrast designs across the realms of fashion, beauty, and home design in 2019. White kitchens were trendy for a long time, but they may be put on hold next year.

5. Sculptural lighting element

Other than traditional light, sculptural lighting is one of the trendies in 2019. From elegant chandeliers to mind-boggling table lamps, sculptural lighting can be added anywhere in the home. The larger and more sculptural a lighting fixture, the more important it is to take care when choosing a location. A large sculptural lighting fixture can act as a focal point for a room, or even an entire home. Their bold designs will command most of the attention in a room.

For the strongest effect, place sculptural lighting fixtures in a central location. Then, you can unify the space with smaller lighting elements around the room.

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