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What kind of light did kitchen need?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

A good lighting plan always come with a layered look. A single light sources can’t provide all the necessary light for a kitchen. Every kitchen remodel should include ambient lighting, task lighting and task lighting. To design an efficient lighting for kitchen, first we need to access the activities that will occur in the space including cooking, entertaining and office activities as well.

First up is the ambient light, which generally light up the whole kitchen area, soften shadows and make people instantly welcome to the kitchen. It usually starts with ceiling lighting, but it also can do with combination of chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed lighting and flush mount.

While the ambient light helps you to navigate throughout the whole kitchen, task light is the workhorse of illumination and provides adequate light for task like chopping vegetable and prepare dishes.

Finally accent light can give depth and dimension to your well design kitchen: toe kick lights, cabinet lights and any other light that might accentuate your favourite elements.

Extra tips: Decide the focal point of your guest and illuminating it. Don’t direct the light toward sink area or else your visitor might get a view of your dirty dishes!

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